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Flexible Chiropractic, Decompression and Regenerative Plans for individuals or families.
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How do I enroll in the IMAC Membership Plans?

Enrollment in the IMAC Membership Plans is easy!  Simply click the button corresponding to the plan you would like to enroll in and you’re on your way to enjoying the great benefits provided by the IMAC Membership plans.

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

We understand that needs change.  With that in mind, our Flex Plan and our Plus Plan can be cancelled at any time by contacting your local clinic.

Due to the cost of providing services, the Regen Plan includes a 12 month agreement and cannot be cancelled.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

At IMAC, we hate hidden fees!  That why we lay out all of the details of the IMAC Wellness Plans in the charts below!  

Can I upgrade my plan after I enroll?

Of course!  This can be accomplished by contacting one of our team members at the local clinic to walk you through the next steps.

Talk with a David Price Center Representative

Click the button below and a representative of David Price Center will contact you with more details on the IMAC Wellness Plans

Become A Member

Decompression Membership Plans

Plus Plan

Chiropractic / Decompression / Platelet Therapies

$95 / Month

$50 Annual Membership Enrollment Fee

Medical/Chiropractic Examination

4x Chiropractic Adjustments per Month

4x Decompression Treatments per Month

1x Platelet Therapy Treatment per year  (1 Anatomical Area)

* Must have previously received decompression treatment at an IMAC Regeneration Center to qualify

Regenerative Membership Plans

Regen Plan

Regenerative Therapies

$300 / Month

$100 Annual Membership Enrollment Fee

Medical Doctor Examination

2x Platelet Therapy Injections per year (1 Anatomical Area per injection)

1 Cell Therapy Treatment per year