Cathy L.

 “Before becoming a patient of IMAC, I was unable to bend my knee and perform any vigorous exercise after I blew it out while walking off a treadmill. I’m an avid runner and have ran 7 marathons, and 17 half marathons in my past!  I was told that my running days were over, I would need a full knee replacement and I would not be able to have a quality of life exercising or running as I previously did. I did not want to accept the fact that I would need a full knee replacement as the only option at my age.  That’s when I decided I would check out medical treatments as another potential option at the David Price IMAC Regeneration Center. Having the innovative medical treatments has been a life changer. Four months after my treatment was completed, I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Country Music 5k and cried when I crossed that finish line. I have not had one bad moment with my knee, and I’ve been able to do postures in Hot Yoga that I had never accomplished before my knee blew out. My quality of life has been so much better!”

-Cathy L.  



Committed to Success without surgery.